Rich Decadence Wax Melt Set
Rich Decadence Wax Melt Set
Rich Decadence Wax Melt Set
Rich Decadence Wax Melt Set
Rich Decadence Wax Melt Set

Rich Decadence Wax Melt Set

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Our wax melt kit allows you not to have to stick to just one scent. By mixing wax melts you are able to create layers of discovery creating a scent story for your home.

The story of Rich Decadence.

  • Breakfast at 8 indulges your senses with delectable notes of warm vanilla topped with bourbon syrup highlighted with sweet cream deliver a delicious aroma reminiscent of everyone’s favorite breakfast beverage.
  • Bubbly is a luxuriously intoxicating infusion of crushed sugar cane and mint leaves are combined with notes of effervescent pomelo, mandarin, and lemon to create a delicious and cheery fragrance.
  • Inspired by luxuriously high-end bakeries Breakfast In Bed boasts top notes of sugary buttercream swirled with middle notes of creamy vanilla infused with nutmeg and bottom notes of mouth-watering gourmet coffee liqueur, rich caramel, and cookie dough.
  • Dinner Party sets an ambiance of boozy elegance with a sophisticated blend of luscious black cherry, black raspberry, vanilla, and merlot make the perfect scent for a stylish dinner party, a rich and complex aroma that summon memories of dinner with family and friends.

  • Made from 100% luxury soy wax.
  • There’s no mess as our Wax Melts do not require cutting. Simply break off a section of the snap bar and place it into your wax burner.
  • Each snap bar has the maximum fragrance load permitted for a strong scent throw and each bar offers 50-80 hours of fragrance. 
  • The scent released from a wax melt is more intense than with candles. This is due to being wick-less and not coming into direct contact with a flame.
  • You have the option of using electric wax warmers for a flame and soot free experience. 
  • Each product is hand-poured in small batches to ensure consistent high quality every time.