New Money
New Money

New Money

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New Money sets an ambiance of modern opulence.

New Money adds luxury in your air and douses your senses in rich chick energy with top notes of honey, marmalade mixed with middle notes of bourbon infused with coumarin, and bottom notes of sweet brown sugar and smokey tobacco.


  • There’s no mess as our Wax Melts do not require cutting. Simply break off a section of the snap bar or take a few pieces from the tin and place it into your wax burner. Snap Bars offer 60 hours of fragrance and Metal tins offer 100+ hours of fragrance. 
  • The scent released from a wax melt is more intense than with candles. This is due to being wick-less and not coming into direct contact with a flame.
  • Made from 100% luxury soy wax.
  • SLOW BURN always uses the maximum fragrance load permitted for a strong scent throw with every wax melt.
  • Each product is hand-poured in small batches to ensure consistent high quality every time.