Let's Do Brunch
Let's Do Brunch

Let's Do Brunch

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Let's do brunch sets an ambiance of bubbly extravagance.

Inspired by a rooftop rendezvous with friends to enjoy a sumptuous meal, it emanates airy notes of Citrus Leaves, Bergamot, and Mimosa intermingled with delicate sweet Jasmine and Lilac, softened by undertones of Patchouli and powdery Musk.   


    • There’s no mess as our Wax Melts do not require cutting. Simply break off a section of the snap bar or take a few pieces from the tin and place it into your wax burner. Snap Bars offer 60 hours of fragrance and Metal tins offer 100+ hours of fragrance. 
    • The scent released from a wax melt is more intense than with candles. This is due to being wick-less and not coming into direct contact with a flame.
    • Made from 100% luxury soy wax.
    • SLOW BURN always uses the maximum fragrance load permitted for a strong scent throw with every wax melt.
    • Each product is hand-poured in small batches to ensure consistent high quality every time.