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Below is a complete guide as to what alpha hydroxy acids will benefit your skin type or concern.  What are AHA'S? Alpha hydroxy acids are derived from fruit and milk sugars. They are a chemical exfoliant which means they cause the cells on the top layer of the skin (epidermis) to become "unglued" which allows the dead skin cells to slough off, making room for regrowth of new skin. GLYCOLIC Derived from sugarcane and has one of the smallest molecules in AHAs found in skincare. It can penetrate deeper than any of the other common AHAs, making it one of the strongest AHAs, but also one of the harshest and is not recommended for sensitive skin.  Skin Type  Skin Benefits  All except sensitive Clears...

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Over-the-counter fade creams and dark spot erasers can often be expensive and harsh on the skin. Prescription and over-the-counter creams formulated to address hyperpigmentation aka dark spots are harsh enough to cause skin sensitivity. So we’ve compiled a list of alternatives that are not only inexpensive but all-natural. Before we begin, we always recommend that you perform a patch test for sensitivity before applying any new products to your skin.   Stimulate cell turnover with fruits Exfoliation is an important step in the evening of your skin tone. Apple, Papaya and Pineapples are amazing fruit acids known as alpha-hydroxy acids. These acids remove the top layers of the skin through weakening the lipids that bond them together, thus removing dull...

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